5 Friday Fun Facts (Body Edition)

As per the usual, this is a bunch of “facts” that I’ve come across and spew back out to the world. At a later date, I’ll check the “facts” to make sure they are indeed facts. Today is the Body Edition!

Don't do this!

Don’t do this!

  • To clean your ears, you should use hydrogen peroxide to melt the wax and let it leak out. If you use a Q-tip, you run the risk of puncturing your ear drum. It can also cause more ear wax! Imagine the blobs you’ll pull out then!!
  • Adolf Hitler had a micropenis. Perhaps, in his youth, he saw a well-endowed Jewish boy and that’s why he decided to try and eradicate them from the planet? It’s a theory.
  • Male saliva may have healing properties associated with it. It’s gross, but ladies it’s a reason to let dudes drool over you.
  • The Latin word for “old woman” is Anus. Yes, your stool comes out of an “old woman,” hopefully regularly. Otherwise, Metamucil is your friend.
  • Everyone starts out with female parts while in the womb. It’s the reason we all have nipples; and before there was a penis, there was the clitoris. So ladies, you have a tiny penis.

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7 Friday Fun Facts (Valentine’s Day Edition)

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I tried to make my “facts” fit around that theme. But, strays will make their way in, because my brain doesn’t operate that way. We shall see what sticks as a “fact” at a later date, but for now AWAY WE GO:

  1. The more “legs” that are on a wine glass from swirling around the wine, the better the wine is.
  2. The origins of humanity started in Africa. So, everyone is African to some degree, right?
  3. Apples, Plums and Pears are all in the Rose family. Since it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, maybe get a bushel of these instead of a bouquet of Roses. It’ll be cheaper, and you can give that little tidbit!
  4. Time “slows down” the further away from Earth you get. Ask Einstein.
  5. All unborn children start off with female parts, males develop their genitalia later. It’s the reason we all have nipples!
  6. Women can get “blue balls,” or in this case “blue vulva,” as well. It’s all the blood pressure rising in a certain region of the body.
  7. In the Rolling Stones song, “Gimme Shelter” the woman is screaming/singing “Rape, Murder” in the background.

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That ‘Can-Do’ Feeling You Do!

Ever have a boost of ‘Can-Do’ energy out of nowhere that bolsters your work output throughout the course of the day? It’s the feeling that whatever gets put in front of you, it will be done quickly and without hesitation; when you put your nose to the grindstone as soon as you get the job and when you finally look up, it’s already past lunchtime.


While it’s a rare occurrence that this happens, when it does I try to take full advantage of it. I bring out everything I’ve been putting off, whether it’s work, paying bills, or even writing, I make sure that I do as much as possible while this ‘Can-Do’ attitude is with me. The rush of this feeling is fleeting and can leave at a moment’s notice, so why not capitalize on it?

Procrastination has become a way of life for a lot of people, and there are times where I get caught in the trap as well; but when that feeling comes over you, just go with it. When you complete all that you need to complete, do more. Make some progress with yourself. Read up on something informational that can help you advance some area of your life. Start that side project up that you’ve been meaning to get to. The more you do, the longer the ‘Can-Do’ attitude stays with you.

Whenever this feeling finds me, I try to keep it. I do more and more just so I don’t lose it. The goal, for me, is to keep it until it becomes part of my lifestyle. While I have yet to achieve it, it makes me want to strive for it. Getting things done is relieving, in a way. When your plate is cleared, what else is there to do except relax? Why is a clean slate a welcome one? It offers the gift of time, time to do whatever you want. And perhaps, that’s where this ‘Can-Do’ attitude can strive again, in your passions.

If you don’t want to listen to me, listen to Dutch in this screenshot from the 80’s classic Predator.


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6 Friday Fun Facts (Spartan Edition … Maybe?)

It’s that time again! Where we see what my mind pulls out as fact and spews out to other people in the midst of random conversation. This week’s “facts” are:

This is Sparta!!!

This is Sparta!!!

  1. When in space, you aren’t floating. Instead, it feels as though you are in a constant freefall. It’s part of the reason people need to have intense training before heading out to space.
  2. Generally speaking, it takes 28 days for a habit to become a part of a person’s lifestyle.
  3. The average Spartan warrior was 5’8″ and 170 pounds of chiseled mass. Basically, I’m a Spartan warrior.
  4. Nelly, the rapper, was recruited to play football at many Division 1 colleges as a wide receiver. Or maybe that was as a running back. Either way, he was good!
  5. Speaking of Spartans, they weren’t allowed to be citizens unless they were part of the army and were not allowed to marry until the age of 30.
  6. Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins is big into wrestling. So much so, that he actually works for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

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6 Friday Fun Facts (7 is Too Much!)

Continuing to see what my brain can remember and spit out to the general public. Show’em what we’ve got for’em today, Johnny!

  • The man that created the Graham Cracker, Sylvester Graham, and Corn Flakes, John Harvey Kellogg, did so with the thought of limiting and eradicating a male’s sexual desires. They were also advocates of circumcision, also believed to suppress a male’s desire. This pretty much sprouted the circumcision craze in the US. This article goes further into this information.
  • One inch of rain is the equivalent of a foot of snow, under certain conditions. So, when it rains over the spring and summer “a couple of inches,” be glad it’s not cold enough for snow. That would be a nightmare.
  • The scars on Seal’s face are tribal scars. I remember there being a rumor he had a disease, but I believe that to be incorrect.


  • Goats have rectangular pupils. Yes, they are aliens.
  • David Bowie attended mime school. Hence the awesome dramatization in his photographs and stage presence. You know you love this.


  • Speaking of Bowie, he auditioned for a role in Lord of the Rings, either as Gandalf or Elrond. I can see the Thin White Duke running amok in the world of Middle-Earth, can you?

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